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What is Impact Web3?

A company dedicated to using blockchain technology to create positive change and promote sustainability in the world. Various projects work together to create a comprehensive ecosystem and community that can help drive positive impact and sustainability initiatives forward.


What is PIP?

  • Convert illiquid, unmonetized, and hard-to-measure impact into purchasable, liquid, digital assets. Blockchain-powered platform that enables individuals and organizations to support NGOs and get rewarded for their actions.

  • PIP uses blockchain, NFT, and related technologies to capture and showcase the reported and proven impact of NGOs, and associations, through a purchasable Proof of Impact NFT, containing metadata evidence connected to the positive impact beneficiaries have experienced.

  • In order to address the challenges of ensuring data quality and providing a means for those underserved and unheard to be heard and included, we have partnered with trusted and reputable local NGOs and impact organizations.

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